Our casting facilities allow us superior control over the
and quality of the items that we produce.


Commercial Single Series Tanks

Commercial Two Compartment Tanks

Commercial Double Series Tanks

Commercial Triple Series Tanks

Oil, Gas & Sand Traps

Grease Traps

Thrust Blocks

"Augusta" Thrust Blocks

Electrical & Utility Products


Residential Transformer Pad

Residential Transformer Pad Cover

3' Square Utility Box

7' Square Transformer Pad

9' Square Transformer Pad

12' Square Transformer Pad

Electric Manholes

Electric Handholes

Pedestrian Cabinet Base

5'x 10' Utility Vault

6'x 12' Utility Vault

4' x 4' Splice Box

Heavy Duty Splice Box (with 32" Round Opening)

Heavy Duty Splice Box (with 33-1/2" Square Opening)

Heavy Duty Splice Box (with Hatch)

Telephone Manhole

Fire Tanks

Water Meter Pits

Light Pole Bases

12" Round Light Pole Bases

16" Round Light Pole Bases

20" Round Light Pole Bases

24" Round Light Pole Bases

30" Round Light Pole Bases

24" Square Light Pole Bases

12" Square/Tapered Light Pole Bases

16" Square/Tapered Light Pole Bases

24" Square/Tapered Light Pole Bases

Pump Stations

Pump Station & Valve Pit

Duplex Pump Station

Catch Basins & Manholes

Type "F" Catch Basins

4' Catch Basins (8" Walls)

4' Manholes & Catch Basins

4' Concentric Manhole Cone

Manhole Grade Rings

Large Manholes & Catch Basins

Downloadable Manhole Worksheet


Detectable Warning Slabs

Parking Wheel Stops

Street Curbing

Boat Ramps (6', 8' & 10')

Boat Ramps (12')

Commercial Boat Ramp Panels

Temporary Concrete Barriers

Pipe Bollards (4", 6" & 8")

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