In August of 2016 we had the honor of working in conjunction with T-Buck Construction, MDOT, A. L. Patterson, HD Supply, Auburn Concrete, Keely Crane and Casco Bay Transportation for the design, build, lift and delivery of four custom Precast Concrete Abutments for the Crockett Bridge replacement located on Rte. #117 in Naples, ME.

The finished abutments are a testament of teamwork and excellent communication between several involved parties working together to overcome multiple challenges. Before the project could begin, the Project Manager, Plant Manager and QC Manger put in many hours in discussion and meetings, examining numerous drawings and testing concrete mixes to ensure that all aspects of the build and delivery would meet strict standards and provide long-lasting quality for the years to come.

With each abutment weighing roughly 42 Tons (approx. 86,000 Lbs each), the sheer size and weight of each piece created daily challenges for our team including installation of the forms, insuring proper design and placement of reinforcement, confirming adequate supply of concrete mix and finding the right balance between technique and tools used to fill the forms. This project required construction of an outdoor production area to stage the forms, as each abutment was too tall, long and heavy to produce within our workshops. Once the concrete was poured, each abutment required 24 hours to harden before the form pieces could be stripped and used to make the next abutment. After all the abutments were stripped from the forms, it was time to focus on preparing for delivery.

The logistics behind lifting 42 Tons of precast concrete and delivering it over 40 miles away also presented a challenge. The factors of keeping the product damage free, while ensuring employee safety throughout requires a great amount of planning and attention to detail. An essential part of the project and a key challenge was determining the correct type of  lifting  and tranportation equipment for the size and weight, to deliver the product safely. This was an impressive undertaking that went flawlessly thanks to  on solid communication and teamwork between all involved.

Custom projects, with the challenges they pose, are welcome at Precast of Maine. We are proud to see precast concrete products being selected to fulfill such vital needs in our community!


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