The National Precast Concrete Association has announced that Branielle Bergeron, Adam Foster, and Justin Damon of Precast of Maine earned the Master Precaster designation on Feb. 28 in Louisville, KY, during The Precast Show 2019.


To become a Master Precaster, students must complete six NPCA Precast University courses totaling 89 hours that consist of topics spread across three Production and Quality School levels. Notable topics include batching and mixing for precast concrete, water-cement ratios, forklift operations, precast maturity methods, reading and understanding blueprints, basics of design theory for concrete elements and improving employee performance.


The courses train students in production, quality, safety, technical and plant leadership. The Master Precaster program not only enhances the precast concrete industry’s workforce development efforts, but also provides a path to those in the industry to grow their careers.


“Being recognized as a Master Precaster is a major accomplishment, and one that requires a great deal of commitment,” said Ty Gable, president of the National Precast Concrete Association. “Although the path is arduous, nothing is more important than ensuring that employees are equipped with the right tools, resources and knowledge to be successful in the workforce. We are very proud of the Master Precaster class of 2019.”


These three were joined by 39 other Master Precaster graduates in this year’s class. This certification was first awarded in 2012 and there are currently 181 active Masters.